Easy Money for Teens

Blogging online can be easy money for teens! If my son was old enough, Id absolutely MAKE him write his own blog!

There are three reasons that blogging is perfect for teens:

  • Teens tend to be very in-touch with hot trends on the internet.
  • Teens are very good at social networking.
  • It is fun because they are blogging about what THEY want.

Teens Know the Hot Trends – If you go to Google Hot Trends, you can see the top 100 searches going on right now. Many of these are about pop culture. Teens also know what is up-and-coming. They know what movies are going to be release, and when, what video games are coming out this summer, what hot TV shows are having a season finale. This means two things for the teen blogger: they have lots of content to write about, and their content is among the most heavily searched keywords, both of which are recipes for easy money for teens.

Teens and Social Networking – By far one of the best ways to market a blog is to have it spread among the social bookmarking sites. Many times young adults are already plugged into a network and have a friends list as long as your arm! Even if they dont, it wont take them long to build it once they connect to a few of THEIR friends that have a big network, spreading the word about a blog is like wildfire.

Fun Work – Flipping burgers can be satisfying and rewarding mostly due to the relationships that are built and the satisfaction of doing any job well. However, which would YOU rather do? Slave over a hot, greasy grill, or sit at a computer writing about topics that YOU are interested in and love?

For a teen to make easy money, get them started blogging now! They can use the Step-by-step Guide here on this site to setup a blog quickly, with NO money out of pocket!

Here are some tips especially for teen bloggers:

1.BE SAFE! Remember not to ever give out any personal information, or anything that could be used to identify you. That includes things like your school’s name, town you live in, parents names, as well as the details like name, address and phone number.

2.Find a creative niche to blog about. Make it something you’re interested in, but take it from a unique angle. For example, if you’re into video games, blog about the funniest screenshots you’ve seen for any game, or blog about how your real life imitates a certain video game.

3.Dedicate set time to work on your blog. If you really focus on this as a job, and expect the monetary rewards of a job, you’re going to have to treat it like a job.

4.Carve your work into sections: Writing your Posts, Marketing your Posts, Researching products to sell. Spend a set amount of time on each. It’s easy money for teens, but it doesn’t come from doing nothing at all.

5.Write a MINIMUM of one post per day, but 2 – 5 per day is a good number. Remember to do your keyword research to determine how to exactly phrase your topics.

6.Exploit the fact that YOU ARE A TEEN! Make it known in the About page, and in your social bookmarking comments, that your blog is by a teen! That will cause interest, and possibly make people more likely to support you by clicking ads and buying a product.

7.With step 7 in mind, make sure you have a Donate button on your blog somewhere but don’t call it Donate. Call it Buy a Teen a Burger button, or Feed a Teen button or something creative like that.

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