Simple Sites Big Profits

Simple Sites Big Profits teaches you how to find a topic/market/niche to build a site around, how to get visitors to come to your site, and how to profit from those website visitors. And then repeat the process.

Excellent Points

He answers the phone.

We called Marcus twice at his toll free number. Once the before the purchase and once after the purchase for some help. The first time it was late and he called us back the next morning. The second time he answered the phone. He was also pretty quick when answering all of the questions we sent by email, either the same day or the next morning.

Good Points

Marcus Campbell does a good job for teaching you how to find what people are searching for online and how to profit from that internet traffic. He has a good method of matching the markets and niches you discover (with his help) to offers you can make on the simple sites he teaches you to build. The course also covers how to get paid when your website visitors fill out an online form to receive free stuff from popular companies or even clicks an ad on your site.

Points That Could Be Improved

If you go straight to the video/movie section of the course (as many people like to do with home study courses), the order of the videos can be a little confusing. It is much easier to read the online manual (each page is short and easy to read) and then to go each video from the links on the page. They were a few other things we did not completely understand from the manual and videos but when we called Marcus he cleared it up fairly easily.


This is a very good course for beginners/newbies.

This is also for a good course for more advanced internet marketers that are not getting enough traffic to their site(s).

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